Murphy Technology was created in 2015 by Stephen Murphy. It all started as a way to learn new things about software, firmware, and hardware design. As the projects progressed, it was realized that these newly learned skills could be used to create custom tools and software to meet his own automotive needs. The first project to come to fruition was a 52mm boost gauge, codenamed Onyx. The gauge boasted three seven segment digits, and 18 leds for an "analog" display of the readout.

Since then Murphy Technology has set out to not only provide tools for displaying data, but capturing it as well. To meet these needs the tiered product, OctaneMate, was created and is intended to be the gateway for all the data avaialable in your vehicle, as well as add the ability to wire in aftermarket sensors to capture more data beyond the capabilities of your vehicles ECU. Along with these tools, an all inclusive software platform is needed to display and share the data, as well as configure the tools themselves. To solve this, the software platform Infinitude was created. Infinitude aims to be an all in one tool used for diagnosing & clearing trouble codes, as well as the main configuration gateway for all Murphy Technology products.